Peruvian President Meets Ambassadors

Peruvian President meets ambassadors of nine countries accredited to Peru

Lima, 27 April 2022 (TDI): The Peruvian President, Pedro Castillo, held a virtual meeting with ambassadors from seven countries accredited to Peru.

The Ambassadors of Nigeria, Croatia, Norway, Angola, Singapore, Namibia, Tunisia, South Africa, and Ghana attended the meeting. The event was held as the ambassadors presented their credentials to the Peruvian President.

“Peru is a safe destination for investments and we respect the work of national and foreign companies,” said President Pedro Castillo

Moreover, the President recounted Peru’s economic growth. “Last year we had a 13% GDP growth and an economy that positioned itself as one of the most solid among the countries of the region, due to the low internal and external debt,” he said.

In addition, he expressed Peru’s commitment to multilateralism and respect for international law. He said, addressing the ambassadors, “I call on your countries to strengthen the Government’s efforts to maintain Peru’s presence as an active and reliable partner abroad.”

Likewise, the President recounted that Peru played a central role in the decision of 175 countries to help curb plastic pollution. He sought the support of the ambassadors in the intergovernmental process that Peru hopes to lead.

Peru’s Foreign Relations

Peru maintains its most important relations with regional American countries. It works with the nations of the Western hemisphere in various fields such as economy and trade.

Moreover, many countries maintain their resident missions in Lima, the capital city of Peru. Some countries also maintain consulates in other cities. In addition, countries such as Angola and Ghana have accredited their embassies in other South American capitals to Peru. Peru is a growing Latin American economy seeking partners in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Peru is a part of the Andean Community and the Pacific Alliance trade blocs. Furthermore, it is a member of several other regional and international organizations.

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