Pakistan’s exports to China would increase: Ambassador Moin

Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Moin ul Haque .

Beijing, 22 September 2021, (TDI): During an interview, Pakistan Ambassador Moin ul Haque stated that Pakistan’s exports would be double to china in the next few years due to its being the largest trading partner of China. After the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement, both sides signed many bilateral trade agreements to enhance trading cooperation. 

Moin ul Haque indicated that during the first half of this year, Pakistan’s exports to China reached 1.73$ billion which increased by more than 80 percent despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation, which has inflicted the International trade. Moreover, as a result of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, China removed tariffs on Pakistani products such as Textile and agriculture, and the total number of tariff-free commodities is 1,000.

The ambassador also said in the interview that the CPEC project is a key project that changes Pakistan’s infrastructure,  improved electricity production and transmission, which gives benefits to China as well as improved regional prosperity. According to Moin ul Haque’s statement, the construction of the Western branch of CPEC has begun and will be completed at the end of this year which faces many hurdles from the last three years.

On the other hand, Luan Jianzhang Director of the Tianjin Foreign Affairs revealed that the Pakistan-China friendship is deeper than oceans for the past 70 years, therefore both countries support each other to provide vocational training to Pakistani engineers with top professional skills. 

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