Pakistan-Vietnam: Potential trade partners

Flags of Pakistan and Vietnam

Islamabad, 25 October 2021  (TDI): Vietnam’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Nguyen Tien Phong, in a talk expressed interest in the bilateral trade by mentioning a great trade potential between Vietnam and Pakistan. Dialogue between Vietnam and Pakistan to increase the trade volume between the two countries is, however, under process.

The Ambassador said that currently, the trade volume between the two countries consists of about 700 million dollars. The current trade volume, according to Ambassador Phong is far below the potential. To reify the current trade volume, Ambassador indicated a possible increase in the trade volume. He shared the possibility of an increase up to one billion dollars in the next two years.

According to him, the vast potential between the two countries exists in multiple arenas. He indicated the potential in agriculture; black pepper, cashew, coffee, cotton, and tea. Aside from that textile, seafood, dairy items can be traded as well .

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