Chicago, 21 December 2022 (TDI): The Consul General (CG) of Pakistan to Chicago, Tariq Karim, received a delegation of United States (US) businessmen at the Consulate General in Chicago.

The delegation informed the Consul General of their business engagements with Pakistan and expressed the desire to further enhance the volume of their trade and investment.

Briefing by Consul General

The Consul General briefed the delegation on the trade & economic potential of Pakistan and its investor-friendly policies. It offered tremendous opportunities to foreign businessmen and investors.

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In this vein, he added, “Pakistan’s geo-strategic location, its market size, and the presence of a large pool of trained professionals and workers make it an ideal business destination.”

Tariq Karim also shared with the delegation various US business setups in the country, a significant rise in trade volume, and investment opportunities in various sectors.

During the conversation, Karim also updated the delegation on mineral products. Along these lines, he highlighted Pakistan’s large proven reserves of Himalayan pink salt and its high demand and variety of uses across the world.

“In order to safeguard this indigenous mineral product and curb its unauthorized use, we have registered the product as Geographical Indications (GI). It has helped in promoting international trade of the product.” Karim reiterated.

US startups in Pakistan

Tariq Karim notified the delegation about the successful operation of eighty American enterprises in Pakistan. These included brands like Procter & Gamble, and Abbott & Cargill.

The Consul General said that Pakistan-US relations had been recently reenergized and rejuvenated. They should be strengthened by more startup launches between the two countries.

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“Pakistani American business entrepreneurs can act as a catalyst to accelerate growth and investment in Pakistan’s startup & investment sector.” He added.

The delegation thanked the Consul General for the invitation and briefing. They also expressed their readiness to strengthen collaboration with Pakistan to bolster economic and commercial ties.