Pakistan, Netherlands Hockey Match ‘22

hockey match
Pakistan National Field Hockey Team will play against the Dutch National Field Hockey Team

Hague, 23 April 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in the Netherlands welcomed the  Pakistan National Field Hockey Team to the Netherlands for the upcoming hockey match with the Dutch National Field Hockey Team.

The message and further details of this event were shared in a tweet. The event will start on Tuesday, the 26th of April. On the same day, the first match will commence at 1300 hrs.

According to the details, the second match is scheduled for Wednesday, 27 April. This event is held at the Hockey Club Push, Nieuwe Inslag.

This is a coordinated effort by the Embassy of Pakistan, The Hague, the Foreign Office of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

Connected through sports:

Both countries’ hockey federations have strong ties. Pakistani hockey academies travel to the Netherlands on a regular basis to play practice matches.

Pakistan is the most successful nation in men’s hockey, having won four World Cup titles. With three World Cups each, the Netherlands and Australia are right behind them. In 1973, the Netherlands became the first country to win the World Cup while hosting it.

Nevertheless, the Netherlands is one of the world’s greatest hockey nations. In the Netherlands, hockey is one of the most popular and commonly played sports. They’ve won a slew of international competitions. Several Dutch players have been recognized as the finest player in the world in the past.

The Pakistan National Field Hockey Team and the Dutch National Field Hockey Team have always been seen in a good healthy competition against each other. These two teams are inarguably the best hockey teams in the world, with a combined total of seven Hockey World Cup victories and five Olympic gold medals. In both countries, the sport is very popular.

The last hockey match between Pakistan and Netherlands was in October 2019. Pakistan had lost the game to the Netherlands by the draft of 10-5.


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