Pakistan-China tourism Seminar, SCODA

Flag of Pakistan (left) and China (right).

Qingdao, 22 September 2021 (TDI): Pakistan-China tourism two-way seminar held in Qingdao, the city of China. The seminar was on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Area (SCODA) to boost diplomatic relations between two states.

The ceremony was arranged by the Pakistan-China center and Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau of SCODA to flourish the Tourism and Cultural sector between the two states.

The top hierarchy of these corporations took part in this seminar such as Muhammad Tanveer Jabbar, Managing Director of Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, Xin Hualon, Director of Qingdao Tourism Association, and Aftab-ur-Rehman Rana, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism of Development Corporation.

Speakers expressed that these kinds of initiatives were taken to develop the tourism industry and cultural sector that helps to make Tourism and cultural exchanges in the future.

Furthermore, it will also assist to develop people-to-people interaction and coordination to deepen friendly bonds. At the seminar, the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab signed the agreement to build new tourism cities to attract tourists across the globe.