Islamabad, 14 January 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Nong Rong stated that Pakistan and China enjoy iron-clad friendship & mutual assistance like a family. The Ambassador made the statement through his official Twitter handle. 

Background of the Statement

The statement by Ambassador Nong came in the wake of the press conference by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Recently a Pakistani student studying in one of the Chinese universities fell ill and remain hospitalized for two months in the Chinese hospital. 

The Chinese Ambassador said that the Chinese government and schools care about the safety & health of students from Pakistan in China, hence will continue to provide them with every possible assistance.

Whilst there, the Chinese authorities undertook all the responsibilities pertaining to relevant expenses as well as necessary health care and treatment. Eventually, the student was sent back home by collaborating with the Pakistani Embassy in China.

Later, the family of the student expressed their gratitude through a letter, to the Chinese authorities for their all-out and timely support. During the press conference, the Associated Press of Pakistan posed a question to the Spokesperson, regarding the incident and requested the Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, to comment on the issue.

Wang Wenbin underscored that this incident is but one such example that portrays the strength of the friendship between China and Pakistan. He stated that the friendship between the Chinese and Pakistani people is can be termed as“stronger than gold and the two countries’ iron-clad friendship is deeply rooted in the people and boasts strong vitality.”