Islamabad, 24 June 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates the International Day for Women in Diplomacy. Women have been contributing for a long time to the diplomatic arena and putting their efforts into making this world more peaceful and stable.

These efforts are often overlooked, and this day, celebrated on the 24th of June, is an initiative to pay tribute to these brave diplomatic warriors.

The resolution to celebrate this day was adopted by the United Nations (UN) last June and pleasantly secured support from the 191 member states. While the United Arab Emirates was the first to celebrate this day at the UN.

On this occasion, Pakistan’s Minister of State, Hina Rabbani Khar, expressed her gratitude towards the UN for recognizing the efforts of diplomats and conveyed her message, stating that over the past decade, she has met with various female diplomats and they have made their marks on the world of diplomacy.

She continued by saying that Pakistani Women diplomats have broken all the barriers through their professionalism. She also paid tribute to the Women heads of the Pakistani Missions and Pakistani women diplomat teams around the world, who are shaping the conduct of Pakistan’s diplomacy with the world.

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Khar also showed her appreciation for the rising number of female Pakistani diplomats. This is a testament to the inclusiveness Pakistan is showing in terms of gender equality. Women’s representation in the diplomatic circle is very positive, as it brings a different perspective and approach to international relations.

The fact that, with the evolution of diplomacy from the old traditional precedents to modern-day diplomacy, women are now being given equal opportunities to represent their country on the global stage is a step in the right direction.

It is crucial to have diverse voices and perspectives in diplomacy to ensure that the interests of all segments of society are represented and addressed.

It is admirable that the world is not only making an effort to include women in diplomacy but also recognizing their efforts by dedicating a special day to celebrate their contributions.