Oslo, 24 May 2023 (TDI): Norway’s Foreign Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, welcomed Norway’s Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Montenegro, and Macedonia, today.

The event, held at the Ministry headquarters in Oslo, symbolizes the Norwegian government’s appreciation for the dedicated work and exceptional efforts undertaken by these diplomats to advance Norway’s interests abroad.

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt expressed her deep gratitude and satisfaction to the ambassadors and honorary consuls for their invaluable contributions to Norway.

Anniken emphasized the significant role they play in promoting Norway’s values, fostering international cooperation, and enhancing bilateral relations with the respective countries they represent.

Anniken also recognized their unwavering commitment to diplomacy and their tireless efforts to uphold Norway’s interests across diverse fields.

The ambassadors and honorary consuls from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Montenegro, and North Macedonia have been instrumental in nurturing strong ties between Norway and their respective nations.

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Through their diligent work, they have facilitated trade and economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and collaboration in various sectors such as energy, tourism, technology, and education.

Their unwavering dedication to diplomacy and their ability to bridge differences have fostered trust and goodwill between Norway and their host countries.

Furthermore, the Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls have actively engaged with the Norwegian diaspora, offering support and services to Norwegian citizens living abroad.

They have worked diligently to protect the rights and interests of Norwegian nationals in these countries, ensuring their security while fostering a sense of unity among the Norwegian community overseas.

Minister Huitfeldt emphasized that the Norwegian government remains committed to providing the necessary support to empower its ambassadors and honorary consuls in their work on behalf of Norway’s interests in promoting peace, stability, and prosperity both at Norway and abroad.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proudly celebrates the dedication and achievements of its Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls from respective countries.

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Their exemplary service and tireless efforts in representing Norway abroad have undoubtedly contributed to fostering closer ties, strengthening bilateral relations, and advancing Norway’s interests on the international forum.

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