Washington DC, 20 June 2022 (TDI): North Korea has completed preparations for a new nuclear test, according to South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin, who spoke at a press conference with Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the State Department in Washington on Monday.

“North Korea has completed its preparations for another nuclear test, and I believe all that remains is a political decision,” Park added.

Furthermore, Park Jin stated, “I believe that if North Korea conducts another nuclear test, it will only serve to enhance our deterrent and international sanctions,” Park added. “North Korea should reconsider its position and make the best decision possible.”

South Korea and the US asked North Korea to start dialogue

Meanwhile, Park and Blinken both stated that dialogue with North Korea is still possible without any preconditions. North Korea’s latest nuclear test would be the country’s seventh.

North Korea has launched 16 missiles so far this year, including seven in January, the most in any single month. Some experts say North Korea is expected to use the test to develop warheads for tactical nuclear weapons aimed at targets in South Korea.

North Korea’s missile tests are rapidly increasing

In the same way, South Korea’s military reported that North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles two weeks ago. This is a big increase in missile tests during what has already been one of the North’s busiest years for launches.

The Supreme Leader of the country, Kim Jong Un, has mostly been in charge of launching these missiles, which can be hyper sonic, short-range, immediate, or long-range.

This is North Korea’s 18th round of missile launches this year. It is a show of force that US and South Korean officials believe will soon include a nuclear test. It would be the first nuclear test in the country since 2017.

Earlier, in September of 2017, the most recent test was conducted. Kim Jong said at the military day parade on April 25 that Pyongyang would “continue to improve and build nuclear capabilities quickly.”

North Korea expanding work at a key nuclear site

According to fresh satellite photos, North Korea is expanding work at a critical nuclear test site, with “new activity” spotted at a second tunnel, indicating that the site is being reactivated for numerous future tests.

On June 14, satellite images revealed that construction operations at the facility’s Tunnel No. 4 had resumed. Analysts believe this is the first time the tunnel has been used since it was demolished in 2018.

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