New York, 9 December 2021 (TDI): On 8 December, Permanent Representatives of Nepal and Barbados, Amrit Rai and Francois Jackman, respectively, signed a Joint Communique establishing a diplomatic relationship between the two nations. Afterward, they held a brief exchange, discussing the future of bilateral cooperation between Nepal and Barbados.


The ceremony was held in New York City, according to a statement made by the Nepal Mission to the United Nations (UN). This is then a new milestone for Nepal as Barbados is now the 172nd country with which it has an official diplomatic relationship. That leaves only 22 UN-recognized states with which Nepal has yet to establish bilateral ties. Hence, the news is a positive sign that Nepal’s foreign relations are strengthening.


Francois Jackman, the Permanent Representative of Barbados to the United Nations, passed his remarks on the occasion. He noted that despite the large geographical distance between Barbados and Nepal, the two countries share one thing in common.

By this, he meant the strong community of nations and people, which tie both countries together. Furthermore, Representative Jackman also expressed that he was honored to represent Barbados during this official ceremony.

Diplomatic Relationship
Permanent Representative of Barbados Jackman (left) shaking hands with his Nepali counterpart Amrit Rai (right) after the official signing of diplomatic relationship

The beginning of Nepal’s diplomatic International affairs officially commenced in June 1947, with its neighbor India. Then France followed and established relations in April 1949. Now the nation possesses friendly relations with over 170 states.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, operates to enhance these foreign relations. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nepal is Narayan Khadka, whilst Bharat Raj Paudyal is the Foreign Secretary.

In addition, the basic objective of Nepal’s foreign policy is to “enhance the dignity of the nation by safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and promoting economic well-being and prosperity of Nepal.” Furthermore, it also aims to add valuable contributions to global peace, harmony, and also security.

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