Brussels/ Washington D.C., 6 June 2023 (TDI): With ever-increasing unprecedented security challenges throughout the world, NATO has provided a platform for youth across the Atlantic region to engage in in-person and online conversation and exchange innovative ideas as well as explore NATO’s determination to address the ongoing and future security threats.

The annual NATO Youth Summit began in Brussels and continued to Washington, D.C. This year’s summit aimed at dealing with the critical issues of global security, from collective security to national defense.

Its theme was “Next Generation Freedom and Security,” and the agenda centered on climate change and resilience, technology and innovation, diversity in diplomacy, hybrid security challenges, democracy and disinformation.

The conference was attended by young speakers from around 31 NATO Allied members, as well as from Ukraine and Sweden.

Addressing Hybrid Security Concerns

Today’s world is no longer only threatened by conventional means but also by something more dangerous and unprecedented, which can turn a peaceful world into a battleground, hybrid and unconventional threats.

Therefore, NATO has reaffirmed its commitment to bolster relationships with intelligence and security services across the alliance to address this growing threat.

Discovering The Untapped Potential of Technologies

In recent times, technologies can be used as a weapon as well as a source of defence. Therefore, General Lavigne, at the Summit, urged the member countries to use their ability to realize the potential of the current and undiscovered technologies.

This Youth Summit holds immense importance in terms of strengthening NATO alignment and promoting the understanding of its values and challenges among future leaders as well as spreading the values of democracy and good governance throughout the world.