Lithuanian Foreign Minister meets Portuguese Head of European Affairs

Lithuanian Foreign Minister (second from left) meeting with Portuguese head of European Affairs (first from right)

Lisbon, 28 September 2021 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis, met Portuguese Minister of Agriculture, Louis Capoulas.

Louis is also the Chair of the European Affairs Committee of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal.

Both leaders have expressed their desire to find common ground for dealings with China. Landsbergis has continuously propagated that a common approach to deal with China is in the larger interest of the European Union. The talks took place in consideration of the QUAD summit, and the Chinese reaction to the development. The impact that these developments can have on Europe were discussed.

Lithuania imports over a billion dollars worth of products from China. Portugal’s trade volume with China is over 6 billion dollars. China is considered an important trading partner of both countries.

Both leaders also discussed Europe’s immigration policy. Lithuania has recently opened its borders for tourism and eased restrictions on migrants despite the threat of the spread of pandemic. A common approach towards immigration is therefore difficult to achieve.

Lithuanian Minister stated that his country remains committed to developing a common policy that would be adopted by all of Europe.

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