Tokyo, 21 July 2022 (TDI): On Thursday, Japan removed Pakistan from its Category of Red List countries regarding Covid-19. The Pakistani Embassy in Japan delivered the news in a tweet.

The decision came after long negotiations of the Pakistan Embassy in Tokyo with Japanese Officials. As a result of efforts by the Embassy of Pakistan, the Government of Japan finally agreed to remove Pakistan from the Red List of Covid-19.

The Embassy also mentioned that the new categorization would come into effect from 27 July 2022 onwards.

However, the precautionary measure implemented by the Government of Japan will remain intact against Covid-19. The travelers still have passed through the basic measures against the virus.

The decision proved to be a relief for the Pakistani community in Japan. Removing Pakistan from the Red list will make it a lot easier for the Pakistani people to travel to Japan.

The Embassy of Pakistan congratulated the Pakistani community in Japan on this decision. The Embassy also encouraged the community to remain vigilant against Covid-19.

New Border Measures by Japan

The new border measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus were implanted on 1 June 2022. The terms about the self-quarantine period, on-arrival test, and place of accommodation after entry into Japan were updated.

The Government of Japan updated the measures according to the countries’ Red, Yellow and Blue categories.

For the countries in Group Red, the on-arrival Covid-19 test was mandatory. The travelers also have completed a three days quarantine at the facility designated by the government.

However, the people with valid Covid-19 vaccination certificates can have seven days of quarantine at their homes. Also, they can have three days of home quarantine if they have a negative result of the voluntary Covid-19 test.

Pakistan was the only Asian state on Japan’s Red List of preventive measures against Covid-19.