Indonesian President spearheads Mangrove plantation drive

Mangroves saplings planted in coastal waters

Tana Tidung, 19 October 2021 (TDI): The Indonesian President Joko Widodo led a campaign of mangrove plantation. The campaign targeted the Tana Tidung and Kaltara regions of the country. The drive was aimed to fight Climate Change. All around the world, countries are adopting policies to tackle the threat.

Indonesia is an island country. Hence more susceptible to the adversities of the global warming phenomenon. Therefore, the President spearheaded the plantation drive and planted mangrove saplings.

Mangroves are shrubs or small trees growing in the coastal saline water. Harvested for  durable, water-resistant wood, they provide material to build houses, boats, pilings, and furniture. The wood of the black mangroves produces charcoal.

Additionally, the mangrove bark also provides tannin and other dyes. They protect coastal areas from erosion and storm surge, as well. Moreover, they store large amounts of carbon, which ultimately helps to slow climate change.

The President was accompanied by the native community, environmental activists, and ambassadors from friendly countries. The Ambassadors represented the Czech Republic, Chile, Finland, Switzerland, Brazil, as well as the World Bank Country Director.

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