New York, 27 October 2023(TDI): Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi delivered a speech during the emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly discussing the conflict in Gaza on Thursday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States.

In her speech, Minister Marsudi expressed her strong condemnation of Israel’s aggression and occupation of Palestinian territories, which have caused severe humanitarian suffering and violations of international law.

She called for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian access, and a credible multilateral negotiation to end the occupation and achieve a two-state solution based on internationally agreed parameters.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi also criticized the UN’s slow response to the situation in Gaza, which has been under siege by Israel for more than 13 years.

She said that the UN needs a thorough reform to remain relevant and beneficial for the issue at hand. She urged the UN Security Council to be transparent, democratic, and effective in fulfilling its mandate to maintain international peace and security.

Minister Marsudi reiterated Indonesia’s unwavering support and solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice and dignity. She said that Indonesia will continue to work with other countries and stakeholders to advance the Palestinian cause and uphold human rights and international law.

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The emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly was convened by the President of the General Assembly upon the request of 10 member states, including Indonesia, following the failure of the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on Gaza due to the veto by the United States.

The meeting aimed to mobilize international action to address the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and other parts of the occupied Palestinian territory.

The General Assembly should demand an immediate, durable, and fully respected ceasefire to prevent further civilian casualties and avoid the recurrence of atrocities.

Secondly, she called for intensified efforts to provide humanitarian assistance in Gaza. She urged the international community to support this endeavor, ensuring that the aid is immediate, unrestricted, and sustained.

Furthermore, the General Assembly was urged to reject forced evacuation orders in Gaza. Minister Marsudi emphasized the need to protect civilians, particularly children, and allow their safe movement.