Jakarta, 25 November 2021 (TDI): Indonesia celebrates National Teacher’s Day on 25th November every year. The celebration corresponds with the establishment of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association, the PGRI. Nationwide ceremonies are held to commemorate the day and honor the contributions made by the teachers.

A teacher has a very important role in all individuals’ lives. It is because of them that people learn, grow and eventually succeed. Societies thrive because of the efforts of teachers for nation-building. Teacher’s Day is celebrated across the world every year to appreciate the contribution of the teachers.

National Teacher’s Day in Indonesia

However, in Indonesia, it is celebrated on 25 November every year. Indonesian people took to Twitter to express their gratitude to their teachers and mentors as well as to commemorate the day. Selamat Hari Guru Nasional is trending on Twitter which means Happy National Teacher’s Day in Indonesian.

Teaching is an honorable and selfless profession. Teachers impart the best of their knowledge and make the maximum effort for their pupils without expecting a reward. This is the reason they are called Pahlawan Tanpa Tanda Jasa in Indonesian, which means unsung heroes.

Teachers should be respected at all costs. The young generation must take concrete action and show responsibility to never give up and always acknowledge the services of the teachers. Teachers, despite the lack of facilities or other challenges, keep adding to their knowledge of their students.