Islamabad, 28 September 2022 (TDI): High Commissioner of Pakistan to UK Moazzam Ahmad Khan met with the Chairman of Humanity First UK Dr. Aziz A Hafiz who handed over a cheque of £100,000/- for the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.

Floods in Pakistan

The most devastating floods in Pakistani history were caused by torrential monsoon rains in 2022. These floods washed away communities and left some 3.4 million children in need of aid and more vulnerable to watery illnesses, drowning, and hunger.

The extent of the destruction is becoming more and more clear as the floodwaters slowly recede. Along with several public health institutions, water systems, and schools, hundreds of thousands of residences have also been lost or damaged.

Young children are exposed to a wide range of new flood-related hazards and risks. The floods damaged houses and left thousands of people open with their families without access to drinking water, food, or a means of support.

UK support for Pakistan’s floods

Pakistan received immediate life-saving aid from the UK as a result of disastrous floods that flooded a third of the country at the start of September.

A total of £15 million in humanitarian aid from the UK will assist in giving people shelter and necessities nationwide.

Furthermore, International NGO Humanity First UK also provided further assistance to Pakistan on 27 September 2022.

Moreover, the High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK and Chairman of Humanity First UK agreed to work together for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

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UK and Pakistan Relations

Pakistan and the UK maintain cordial relations rooted in history and shared legacy. Strong people-to-people connections and frequent high-level exchanges help to sustain the friendly ties that Pakistan and the UK have.

The major European trading, investment, and development partner of Pakistan is the UK. It is also a significant provider of development aid to Pakistan. With an estimated 1.6 million members, the UK is home to one of Europe’s largest Pakistani diasporas.