Huawei set to develop 5G in Thailand

Huawei-5G set to open in Thailand

Bangkok, 23 October 2021 (TDI): Michael MacDonald announced that his organization is going to transform 5G manufacturing in Thailand. He is the Chief Digital Officer and Executive Consultant of Huawei Asia Pacific.

The 5G manufacturing will transform traditional business to digital trends and bring new opportunities for Thailand. Several critical elements such as ultra low latency for real time control, massively scalable connectivity for the internet of things or IOT will be combined with 5G.

The mobile networking for the first time in the history will allow reliable business-grade mobile communications. This will match the needs of vertical industries. Huawei has also established the ‘5G Ecosystem Innovation Center’ with Digital Economy Promotion Agency Thailand (DEPA) to develop an active ecosystem in Thailand. The facility will engage the global partners by knowledge sharing and working closely with open labs in China.

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