Islamabad, 21 June 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Minister of State, Hina Rabbani Khar, called upon the Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan, Alfred Grannas, earlier today. The meeting was aimed at discussing the entire spectrum of Pakistan-Germany relations.

During the meeting, both officials talked about enhancing cooperation in bilateral trade, Increasing German investment in Pakistan, and improving educational ties between the two states.

The trade volume between both countries exceeds 3.5 billion euros, and both nations are committed to taking it to the next level by exploring new avenues of collaboration. Germany is also a popular destination for the students of Pakistan, and the officials discussed ways to further strengthen educational ties, including the possibility of increasing scholarships and exchange programs.

Khar also stressed the need for early resolution of visa issues in order to facilitate the travel of students to Germany. She emphasized that Pakistani students will help explore new avenues of cultural exchange and strengthen the bond between the two countries.

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Migration and mobility were also on the table during the conversation, highlighting the importance of facilitating the movement of people between Pakistan and Germany, which will help foster people-to-people ties and ultimately build a better understanding. Both parties expressed their commitment to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation through these efforts.

Furthermore, dignitaries also discussed vocational training opportunities for Pakistani youth in Germany, which would not only help bridge the skills gap in Pakistan but also provide them with valuable exposure to international work practices.

Ambassador Grannas thanked the Minister for the useful conversation and reiterated Germany’s support for Pakistan’s economic development and stability.

Overall, the meeting ended on a positive note with the affirmation from both sides that they will continue to work towards deepening bilateral relationships and exploring opportunities for collaboration in various areas of mutual interest.

The officials from Pakistan and Germany are optimistic about the future of their relationship and are committed to working together to enhance cooperation in various fields, including education and trade.