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Germany gives 100 million € as humanitarian aid for Afghans


New York, 25 august 2021 (TDI): German Mission to United Nations in a statement from German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted the value of allied partners in the Afghan airlift mission. The G7 meeting of the member countries was held on Tuesday about the current scenarios ongoing in Afghanistan. Angela Merkel asserted that the combined efforts are necessary for the stability and peace of the region. Due to continued collaboration, they can overcome the difficulties of the Afghan people and successfully evacuate diplomats and staff. Moreover, the German Chancellor announced an increase in humanitarian aid for the Afghani people.

Angela Merkel called United Nations an important ally that is playing its utmost role in accommodating the refugees. She also claimed that around 100 million Euros will be given immediately for the humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan and around 500 million Euros more will be issued in the coming days.

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