Baku, 11 December 2021 (TDI): On 9 December, the German Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Wolfgang Manig, met with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Jeyhun Bayramov. Both sides discussed bilateral relations between Germany and Azerbaijan.


Ambassador Wolfgang commented on the new government recently formed in Germany, as well as the election of a new chancellor. With regards to this, he noted that the recent German Government was committed to enhancing its relations with Azerbaijan. Minister Bayramov also agreed that it was strategically essential for both nations to develop strong ties.

Particularly, he stated, in the field of energy.

The Azerbaijani Minister offered his congratulations to the German government on its recent developments and elections. He also expressed his hopes for the continuation of friendly bonds between Germany and Azerbaijan under the tenure of the new government.


The Ambassador highlighted that the new government of Germany aims to switch to alternative energy. Thus, natural gas acts as the transition energy.

Manig then described the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” which will take place in the German capital next year, in 2022.

German Ambassador Meeting
German Ambassador Manig joined by German officials (left) in conversation with Azerbaijani Minister Bayramov and other officials (right)

The Minister also highlighted that Azerbaijan is a dedicated partner of Europe, especially Germany when it comes to the field of energy. As a consequence, green energy and climate issues are of utmost priority to Azerbaijan. Bayramov informed the German Ambassador that the President of Azerbaijan had recently declared the liberated territory of Karabakh a green energy zone. This is a huge milestone for the country in the facet of environmental protection.

Furthermore, Minister Bayramov also briefed his correspondent on the developments in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict. He noted the actions being taken to normalize relations with Armenia and establish peace in the region. Simultaneously, he also touched on Armenia’s reluctance to reciprocate these steps.

Both parties then discussed ways to ensure security and harmony in the Eurasian region during this post-conflict period. In addition to that, they also talked about other topics of shared interest.