Tbilisi, 26 May 2022 (TDI): Georgia celebrates its Independence Day on the 26th of May and it is regarded as the country’s national day.

On this day, the country marks the adoption of the Act of Independence in 1918. Whereby the Democratic Republic of Georgia was established after the Russian revolution of 1917.


Georgia’s independence day involves military parades, fireworks, concerts, fairs, and political speeches and ceremonies.

More to this, there are other numerous private and public events that celebrate the country’s history and culture.

Consequently, an oath-taking ceremony starts the official observances of the holiday. Also, there are speeches from national figures to appreciate Georgian freedom. In addition, celebrations include traditional Georgian feasts locally referred to as supra and toasts.


Georgia was part of the Russian Empire since 1800. After the Russian Revolution and the First World War defeats, movements inside Georgia pushed for independence from Russia.

On 26 May 1918, Georgia declared itself an independent democratic republic. Thereby, on the 26th of May Georgia celebrated its independence. However, the celebration was put to an end because in 1922 Georgia became part of the Soviet Union.

Following the breaking apart of the Soviet regime, the day of independence recovered its public holiday status. Due to Georgia seceding from the Soviet Union on April 9th, 1991, it adopted the Act of Reestablishment of Independence on 9 April 1991.

The groups linked with the 1980s national movement and the government of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, which presided over the declaration of independence on 9th April 1991 advocated for 9th April to be acknowledged as Independence Day.

During the Gamsakhurdia’s government rule, 26th May was instituted as Independence Day and it was based on the 26th May 1918 Act of Independence.

Before the 9th April 1991 declaration, on 31 March 1991, the referendum also asked Georgia’s citizens on whether they wanted independence to be reestablished based on the 26 May 1918 declaration.

Ultimately, 9th April has been observed as the Day of National Unity, Civic Concordance, and Remembrance in Georgia since 1993.

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