Friendship across Mountains and Sea Date: October 12 Stay Tuned!


Male, 12 October 2022 (TDI): The “Friendship Across Mountains and Sea” events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Maldives will be held in Male, the beautiful capital of Maldives, on October 12, 2022.

In a week from October 12 to 18, a series of activities will be held, including the Opening Ceremony, “Magnificent Mountains and Rivers, Diverse Yunnan” Photo Exhibition, “Friendship Across Mountains and Sea” Video Promotion, “Beautiful China, Colorful Yunnan” Culture Week, “Wonderful Maldives, the Sunny Side of Life” Picture Exhibition.

At the LUX* South Ari Atoll, visitors from all over the world may appreciate the photography and video works showing the charms of colorful Yunnan, taste Yunnan’s Pu’er tea, coffee, and other specialty foods, try to write Dongba characters, watch tea art performances, and experience different cultural activities.

In Lijiang, a famous tourist city in China, Chinese visitors may also enjoy the scenery and feel the cultures and customs of Maldives by viewing the pictures of the island country displayed.

China Maldives
China Maldives Friendship Bridge

China-Maldives bilateral relations

China and the Maldives enjoy deep-rooted diplomatic ties, and the relationship dates back many centuries. In Chinese history, Maldives has been called a “Liushan Country” or Liuyang Country.” Over the years, China and Maldives built stronger ties by establishing diplomatic missions in each other countries since 1972.

The two countries have collaborated on several occasions and worked together on trade, defense, climate change, development projects, and the preservation of biodiversity.

President Xi Jinping made a historic visit to the Maldives in 2014 emphasizing the emerging importance of the Indian Ocean and Maldives in China’s foreign policy.  During this historic visit, more than 100 business leaders were there in the delegation.  President Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and stronger ties with the Maldives.

This year in early January foreign Minister of China was in the Maldives. The fruitful visit is of great significance to China-Maldives relations. During the visit, the two sides launched the celebration events commemorating the 50th anniversary of China-Maldives diplomatic relations by unveiling the official Logo.

As State Councilor Wang Yi said at the joint press conference, his visit to the Maldives is fruitful, which is the best mark of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations and will advance the development of the future-oriented, all-round friendly and cooperative partnership between China and the Maldives.


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