Mogadishu, 20 July 2022 (TDI): Food crisis in Africa is drastically getting worse and it is affecting many children in Africa. Save the Children International reported that Climate change and lack of facilities, food, and water are worsening the living conditions in Africa.

In decades, this is the worst drought in Africa due to the lack of rainfall this year. It is estimated that if this issue is not taken seriously then almost 350,000 children living in Somalia could die.

Along with climate change, the Russo-Ukraine war also interrupts and disturbs the food supplies for Africa.
This climate change and interruption in food supplies have affected African children. Africa has always faced a food and water crisis but now it is worsening.

Millions of African children are malnourished and in danger of other diseases. These crises created hurdles for their health, education, and other significant services.

Climate change affected food production and agriculture in Africa.  By 2080, agriculture productivity will reduce approximately from 21% to 9%. The war in Ukraine has also interrupted the import of food to Africa. This has also increased its food shortage.

Climate change has caused droughts in Timbuktu region
Climate change has caused dry spells in the Timbuktu region

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The need for interventions

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has asked for both immediate and long-term measures. This is because the food crisis in Africa has worsened due to climate change, rising violence, and unproductive farming. Some of the assistance by ICRC include food assistance through vouchers or cash.

Recent studies from the African Union (AU) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimate that the food crisis affects about  346 million people in Africa.

Deeko Adan Warsame, the women’s council chair in Guriel, northern Somalia, said, “Neither food nor water is sufficient. While you can flee the war, you cannot get away from the drought”.

Keeping in mind these problems, Save the Children International also said that for several years they have collaborated with regional partners all around the Horn of Africa. They are providing funds, healthcare, and treatment for malnutrition, food, and shelter to Africans.