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EU Special Envoy met Afghan Ambassador


June 15, 2021 (TDI):  The EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson met Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil. Mr. Tomas Niklasson arrived in Pakistan on Monday to deliver on the role of the EU in the Afghan Peace Process.
In the official statement, the EU delegation and Afghan ambassador reiterated the role of stakeholders in the peace process. They said all the actors involved in the Afghan situation must take the peace process further to create peace not just in Afghanistan but in the whole region.
Earlier, Mr. Tomas Niklassom also met Pakistan’s special representative to Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq and discussed the constructive environment for Afghan Peace Process. The EU Special Envoy also shared his views on his official Twitter account. He was happy to be back in Islamabad for the dialogue on Afghan Peace Process.
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