Ezulwini, 7 July 2023 (TDI): King of Eswatini, Mswati III, congratulated the American representative for Eswatini, Earl Miller, on America’s 247th Independence Day through his representative Prince Gcina.

The King admired the support of America in different programs in Eswatini. He appreciated the support in sectors like health, education, defense, and providing jobs.

He said that this friendship has been going on for five decades and will continue to benefit both sides.

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Chargé d’affaires, Earl Miller, while speaking to the gathering, he said that he was lucky to celebrate his Independence Day in the Beautiful country of Eswatini.

Future opportunities

He also focused on the activities of the United States in Eswatini, including the PERFAR program that has saved many lives in the country.

The newly opened American Corner has sent ten students to the United States on a fellowship program as well as providing job opportunities in the U.S.

The United States has invested almost 15 billion in Eswatini to fight HIV, and for that, John Nkengasong, PEPFAR Special Representative, was given an award to achieve the UNAIDS target before 2030.

The Department of Homeland Security introduced work visa programs to provide jobs to the young population of the country.#

King Mswati III applauded the decision to provide opportunities to the youth as almost 50 percent of Eswatini’s population is youth, and it is largely unemployed.

He also commended the struggle to increase women’s representation in government offices to nationally achieve the goal of empowering women.

Support in the upcoming election

On celebrating the 247th Independence Day, King Mswati III recognized the U.S.’s efforts to help Eswatini conduct free and fair elections.

He thanked Earl Miller for encouraging people to come out and register themselves to vote. He also thanked the people for exercising their right to vote.