Dutch Deputy Ambassador to Pakistan at HATO Lighting launch

Deputy Ambassador of Netherlands to Pakistan, Lianne Houben at the launch of HATO production facility in Pakistan

Islamabad, 13 May 2022 (TDI): The Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands to Pakistan, Lianne Houben, attended the HATO Agricultural Lighting production facility launch in Pakistan.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Pakistan, Wouter Plomp stated that it is a successful transfer of dutch knowledge to further improve Pakistan’s poultry sector.

HATO Agricultural Lighting

HATO Agricultural Lighting creates innovative lighting solutions in the agriculture sector because of the major role of lighting in responsible and profitable farming.

More to this, it focuses on poultry, pig, cattle, and mushroom lighting and has been providing lighting since 1974

Therefore, HATO is about good lighting fulfilling the needs of the animal and farmer. As a result, life is made easier for the farmer and costs are reduced.

More to this, HATO’s belief is on optimal light climate forming the basis for responsible as well as profitable.

Their knowledge of the sector as well as their real involvement with customers create the basis for lasting cooperation and emphasize their part as a market leader.

Due to their lighting and knowledge, they continue on improving the well-being of animals and farmers.

Background on poultry production in Pakistan

Since 2015, Pakistan’s poultry production has been part of the most dynamic and organized sectors. It contributed 26.8% to total meat production, 5.76% to the agricultural sector, and 1.26% to overall GDP.

Prior to this, in 2013 poultry was one of Pakistan’s growing sectors due to many fast food chains.

As a result of in-streaming technologies that include the change to control sheds, investors started putting more money into the poultry business so as to cater to market needs.

Some new poultry farms joined the industry yearly in order to fulfill the demand of the growing market.

In spite of the rise in eggs and white meat prices, it was reported that the new technology also improved the quality.

The doubling of poultry product prices in the past years has also been boosting the prospects of the industry.

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