Copenhagen/Beijing, 12 May 2022 (TDI): The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod spoke to the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi on Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Minister Kofod stated that he urged China to utilize its influence in Russia to stop the war in Ukraine. In addition, Kofod said that he also reiterated his concern for human rights specifically in Xinjiang, and also discussed future bilateral cooperation on green transition.

Denmark and China relations

Denmark and China established their diplomatic relations in 1950 and they have witnessed a gradual development in their bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

During the 1950s, Denmark gave support to China in order to restore China’s legitimate seat in the UN. More to this, they signed the Trade Agreement in 1957 and official contact between the two countries scaled up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Therefore, their bilateral trade relations recorded a quick growth. At the time, the Danish Prime Minister visited China following the Chinese government’s invitation and it was the first official visit by a Danish Head of Government to China.

Relations between the two countries steadily developed. Consequently, the two governments exchanged visits constantly.

Furthermore, Chinese and Danish cultural contacts have gained momentum in the past years. This is reflected by regular exchanges of visits with regards to literature and art organizations of both countries.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Chinese and Danish armies have maintained normal contact. There are also a number of important bilateral agreements and documents.

Last year, Wang Yi stated that China-Denmark cooperation is extremely complementary as both parties have produced gratifying results in cooperation.

For example in fields of energy efficiency, climate change, food safety, water resource management, intellectual property rights, and technological innovation.

Wang Yi also pointed out that Danish quality products are welcomed to enter the Chinese market. More to this, he said China has the will to provide convenience for the enterprises of Denmark to invest in China.

Lastly, China hoped that the Danish will make a sound business environment for their Chinese enterprises founded on the transparency, equity, and non-discriminatory principle.

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