Anji, 11 November 2021 (TDI): Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi met with the Nicaraguan counterpart, Denis Moncada. The two counterparts attended the virtual meeting on December 10, 2021.

Chinese Foreign Minister stated that the two countries should celebrate the resumption of diplomatic relations. He said that China is ready to work on the signed Joint Committee. He emphasized that China and Nicaragua will reach maximum heights under the leadership of the two states.

Wang Yi highlighted that the Nicaraguan government has made the right decision to recognize the One-China principle. This decision will be proved right for the long-term development of the Nicaraguan state and its people.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister admired the role of the Chinese Communist Party in the development of China. He said that Nicaragua respects and supports China’s issues of concern.

Restoration of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua

He stressed that the restoration of the diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua is historical and revolutionary for both sides. Nicaragua is honored and proud to resume diplomatic relations with China. It will start a new phase in the diplomatic relations of the two countries.

Moncada, the Foreign Minister of Nicaragua stressed that Nicaragua commits to the One-China principle and territorial integrity of China. He said that Nicaragua recognizes Taiwan as a part of China. Therefore, it has broken its diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Wang Yi pointed out that the resumption of the diplomatic relations between the two sides will serve the long-term interests of the two countries and their people. The two countries will move forward in an identical direction with common development, he added.

He stated that the resumption of the bilateral ties happened due to the support of people. Therefore, for the development of bilateral relations, Nicaragua should uphold the One-China principle. The two countries will enhance their cooperation to strengthen bilateral relations.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister stated that Nicaragua supports the Chinese vision of creating a global community based on shared values with a shared future. He acknowledged the Chinese contributions to the world’s peace, equality, justice, and development.

Wang Yi also invited Nicaragua to the Chinese President’s vision of the Global Development Initiative. He also emphasized that China welcomes Nicaragua to the Chinese multi-billion project of the Belt and Road Initiative. The two sides agreed to create channels to strengthen their relationship.