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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson emphasizes meeting on BRI


Beijing, 22 December 2021 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian emphasized the 2021 annual meeting of the Advisory Council of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Forum.

Zhao stated that the meeting took place on 17 December 2021 by video link. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting. The Vice Foreign Minister of China and the Covener of the Advisory Council chaired the meeting.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson stated that the meeting discussed the progress made by the BRI. It also debated the way forward of the BRI in the development of the developing states in the world.

The members in the meeting agreed that the BRI should stay committed to sustainable, livelihood-oriented, and high-standard objectives. It should uphold the banner of multilateralism, enhancing cooperation, and enhancing greater resilience in development.

The participants agreed that BRI is a road of hope for the development of the world. It will lead to achieving sustainable development goals in the world. They also emphasized the Global Development Initiative proposed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. BRI and Global Development Initiative can collaborate with each other to provide the common good for humanity.

BRI to provide global connectivity

The meeting highlighted that BRI will provide global connectivity and will enhance international cooperation. It will strengthen mutual interdependence among the world. It will stimulate the economic growth of the world especially of the developing states.

They also pointed out that since the commencement of the BRI eight years ago, it has consistently provided benefits to the member states. It has helped in the mission of global poverty eradication. It also helped in enhancing global economic growth and dealing with regional and global issues. The participants agreed to carry forward the spirit of multilateralism under the framework of the BRI.

BRI member states also acknowledged the Chinese role in the anti-pandemic fight. They expressed gratitude to China for vaccine cooperation with BRI partners. China has consistently provided vaccines to its BRI partners since the pandemic started. China provided about 2 billion vaccines to more than 120 countries and to regional as well as international organizations.

Zhao stated that the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi stressed that BRI is open for everyone in the world. Anyone can join the BRI project. He stated that everyone should contribute to the development of the world. The meeting ended with the recommendations for the BRI by the member states to strengthen cooperation.


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