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Chinese Ambassador meets Cuban official


Havana, 21 October 2021 (TDI): The Chinese Ambassador to Cuba, Ma Hui, met with the Director-General of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Benitez Verson.

They discussed the bilateral relations of the two countries. The Chinese Ambassador stated that the contemporary challenges of the world demand multilateralism. China and Cuba believe in multilateralism and will continue to cooperate with the world.
The challenges the world is facing such as climate change and Coronavirus can be solved by only multilateralism. These challenges require the selfless cooperation of all the countries to protect the environment from catastrophe.
They emphasized strengthening multilateral as well as international affairs. The Cuban official also acknowledged the two countries’ close collaboration. He expressed that the excellent bilateral relations will continue and expand to strengthen the cooperation.
China and Cuba enjoy friendly relations. The two countries have shared goals in the international system. Cuba was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with China from the Western Hemisphere.
China provides technical assistance to Cuba more than any other country. China has also helped Cuba a lot, in its fight against coronavirus. Cuba also looks forward to becoming part of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

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