China to expand scientific and technological cooperation with world

Xi Jinping, President of China

Beijing, 13 December 2021 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the Chinese willingness to expand cooperation with the world in science and technology.

Xi expressed these remarks in his congratulatory letter to the opening of the Greater Bay Science Forum 2021 in Guangzhou on Saturday, 11 December 2021. He stated that China is ready to enhance its scientific and technological cooperation with the scientists and international organizations of the world.

Chinese President highlighted that China looks forward to enhancing its scientific and technological exchanges with the world against global challenges. He said that increased cooperation will help in the global development of mankind.

Xi urged for strengthening the research cooperation on major scientific problems such as the Coronavirus pandemic. He pointed out that Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area should work to promote the development of the emerging industries.
Chinese President urged the scientists to make breakthroughs in generic science and technology to help mankind. He stated that the world is undergoing unprecedented changes therefore the science and technology should make innovations to deal with the unprecedented challenges. He stressed that the technological revolution has had an immense effect on the global economy. It can play a greater role in the growth and development of the world.
Xi Jinping underscored that the global challenges demand global cooperation. Science and technology have an important role in the development of the world. Hence, China looks forward to enhancing its cooperation with the world in the field of science and technology.
The Forum opened with the theme, “Exploring the future, sharing scientific achievement”. In this forum, many scientists, Nobel Prize winners, experts, and business leaders participated. They talked about the importance of scientific cooperation in the world to deal with global challenges. Many scientific organizations also participated in the forum to discuss the future of scientific cooperation in the world. The event was organized by the provincial government of Guangdong.

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