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China resumes receiving pine nuts from Afghanistan


Shanghai, 2 November 2021 (TDI): China has resumed importing pine nuts from Afghanistan.

China resumes trade with Afghanistan

Afghan pine nuts are famous in the world for their high quality. China also admired the impressive quality of the dry fruits of Afghanistan. Therefore, China has resumed its imports from Afghanistan consisting of pine nuts. Afghanistan exported pine nuts to China on Sunday, 31 October 2021. The flight containing 45 tons of pine nuts reached Pudong International Airport in Shanghai from Kabul, on Sunday. It is also the first import of China from Afghanistan since the Taliban took the government. The two countries still have limited air transport. The two sides hope to make it better.

Pine nuts import to help vulnerable Afghans

Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu said that China will import tens of thousands of tons of pine nuts from Afghanistan in the coming months. The Chinese Ambassador stated that the Afghan pine nuts have huge worth in China. Chinese companies are demanding it in a huge number which will reach in shortly. He emphasized this trade as a win-win situation for the two countries. These imports from Afghanistan will help to stimulate the troubling economy of Afghanistan. More than 50 thousand Afghans are involved in harvesting pine nuts. Therefore, it would also help Afghan farmers. Wang Yu said that the ‘pine nut air corridor” is a symbol of friendship between the two states. It will enhance cooperation and strengthen the relations between the two countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan

 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that China will discuss its economic plans with the Afghan government once the stability prevails in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has great potential for the Chinese project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It can play an important role in connecting South Asia with Central Asia leading to creating an economic hub. Thus, despite being a landlocked country, Afghanistan has a huge geographical advantage which can help it to enhance its economic development.

China urges world for humanitarian assistance

China has become an active player in Afghan affairs. It has been urging the international community for humanitarian assistance for the vulnerable Afghans. China has also been urging Western countries especially the United States to unfreeze the Afghan assets abroad.
The United Nations (UN) has warned the world that 40 million Afghans will face acute hunger this winter unless they are assisted by the international community. These pine nuts import is one of the Chinese efforts to help the miserable Afghan economy. China has already announced humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan of $30 million. The Chinese Foreign Minister said that China will stay committed to rebuilding Afghanistan’s war-torn economy.

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