China’s Foreign Minister arrives in Nepal

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has arrived in Nepal for a three–day official visit.

Kathmandu, 25 March 2022 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has arrived in Nepal for a three–day official visit. The objective of the visit is to deliberate on bilateral ties.

Chinese Foreign Minister has planned this visit at the invitation of Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Dr. Narayan Khaadka. This afternoon, Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, reached Tribhuvan International Airport.

In this regard, the Foreign Secretary of Nepal, Mr. Bharat Raj Paudyal, and other officials of the ministry welcomed him. During the visit, China’s Foreign Minister will take part in a delegation-level bilateral arrangement with his Nepali counterpart on March 26.

China-Nepal Bilateral Relationship

China and Nepal enjoy friendly and harmonious relations for a long period. Both countries always remained friendly because of the historical traditions of mutual collaboration.

However, this relationship is multifaceted and covers social, political, economic, and cultural ties. It is pertinent to note that the bilateral ties of both states evolved in the 5th century.

At that time, the relations focused on Nepali monk and scholar Buddhabhadra. Later in the 7th and 13 centuries, Princess Bhirkuti and Araniko dominated the dynamics.

Along these lines, visits of scholars and Chinese monks such as Monk Fa Xian and Monk Xuan Zang contributed to enhancing the bilateral relationship.

Officially, both states established diplomatic ties on 1st August 1955. Similarly, they enjoy formally established ties based on understanding, friendship, mutual support, respect, and cooperation.

Besides, both states also regard the sensitivities of the situation to maintain peace and stability. To clarify, both states have deeply embedded faith in the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-Existence.

As per the official narrative, Nepal believes in One-China Principle. It is also committed to not allowing any activity within its territorial limit against the core interests of China. Both countries also have a shared border on the northern side of Nepal.

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