Beijing, 22 November 2022 (TDI): Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations (UN) delivered his remarks at the UN Security Council meeting on the Situation of the Korean Peninsula.

Ambassador Zhang Jun expressed China’s concerns over the upward spiral of rising tension and confrontation in the Korean Peninsula.

He further hoped that concerned parties should upload the direction of a political settlement to prevent repeating escalation.

Rising tension in the region and full of uncertainties serves no party’s interest, he added. Ambassador stressed relevant parties to focus on the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

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Three points put forward by China

Ambassador Zhang Jun put forward three main points for achieving peace and stability in the Peninsula and political settlement of disputes.

First, he asked UNSC members to make every possible effort to cool down the situation, maintain stability, and prevent turbulence.

He urged all parties that they should remain calm, be cautious in words and restrain from any possible action that can accelerate the tension. Every party should prevent the situation from falling into a vicious cycle, Ambassador added.

Second, Zhang Jun urged all UNSC members to restart dialogues and that parties should work closely to resolve conflict in a balanced manner.

The US should take the initiative & show sincerity by putting forward realistic & feasible proposals, & responding positively to the legitimate concerns of the DPRK, so as to turn the dialogue from formality into reality as soon as possible, he told the UNSC meeting.

Moreover, he expressed to concern parties to hold military exercises & ease sanctions against DPRK. Third, he emphasized Security Council’s role to bring peace & asked not to condemn or exert pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

He further added that UNSC should help ease the tension, de-escalate the conflict and play a constructive role. He mentioned China and Russia jointly sponsoring draft resolutions that will help mitigate the humanitarian situation in the DPRK.

The resolutions will create an atmosphere for dialogue along with promoting the realization of political settlement.

To conclude, as a close neighbor of the Peninsula, he reaffirmed China’s policy on maintaining peace and stability, realizing denuclearization, promoting the establishment of a peace mechanism, and resolving issues through dialogue and consultation.