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China appreciates decree on women’s rights in Afghanistan


Beijing, 7 December 2021 (TDI): China welcomed the decree on women’s rights announced by the Afghan government.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian in the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference on 6 December 2021 welcomed the Afghan government’s decree on women’s rights. He acknowledged the Afghan government’s positive attitude towards reforms in the country especially in protecting women’s rights.

Zhao stated that China believes in actions rather than words. He highlighted that the Afghan interim government has taken practical step to safeguard women’s rights in the country by releasing the decree on women’s rights. He urged the international community to appreciate and encourage this step by the Afghan government.

Safeguarding women’s rights is in interests of Afghanistan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that China hopes that the decree will be practically enforced in the country shortly. He highlighted that the released decree will help to provide fundamental rights to women in Afghanistan. He stressed that safeguarding women’s rights is in the interest of the Afghan people. It is also the mutual concern of the international community, he added. This will also help the Afghan government to build trust and get recognition from the international community.

The Afghan government on December 3, 2021, released a decree on women’s rights. According to the announced decree, there will be no forced marriages. The Afghan government will protect women’s rights in marriage and household. The decree also forbids giving women to anyone in exchange. It also urges to promote women’s rights and to create awareness in the Afghan government about women’s rights.

The international community including China has welcomed this decree released by the Afghan government. Afghanistan was facing a lot of criticism by the world due to the worse situation of women’s rights in Afghanistan. This step will help to change the world’s opinion about women’s rights in Afghanistan. The world can also recognize the Afghan government for the improving situation of women’s rights.

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