Ottawa, 19 October 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau congratulated the new Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, on his election.

Canada is looking forward to enhancing the bilateral relations between both states to promote peace and security in their regions. The strengthened bilateral ties would also increase job opportunities for people from both countries.

New Government of Sweden

Sweden has a new government with Ulf Kristersson as Prime Minister after the elections that took place in September this year.

After coming into power, the new Prime Minister has set a new course for Sweden’s policy in the field of immigration, criminal justice, and energy.

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The newly elected government is a coalition government led by the conservative Moderate Party. Before this, the Social Democrats had been in power for the last 8 years. Sweden will also complete the accession to NATO under the new leadership.

Canada-Sweden Relations

The diplomatic relations between both states were established in 1944. These bilateral ties are backed by several mutual treaties.

The relationship between Canada and Sweden has been developed through cooperation in various fields including trade, diplomacy, politics, and foreign policy.

They have positive cultural and economic relations. Both states are also founding members of the Arctic Council and have overlap in organizational membership.
Both states also share a tax treaty and an extradition treaty.

Other important treaties include the matter regarding air services, visas, social security, and commercial.

Their ties have expanded in the cultural & research field as well, where interdisciplinary research programs regarding each other’s cultures are studied.

In light of these diplomatic and friendly relations, the Canadian Prime Minister has extended warm wishes to the newly elected government in Sweden.

Both states reaffirm their commitment to strengthening their ties through cooperation. This would benefit their respective regions and their nations.