Ottawa, 30 June 2022 (TDI): Finland and Sweden’s idea for NATO’s accession membership has the strong support of Canada. Canada will support Finland and Sweden throughout the accession process.

As a close friend and security partner, Canada is supportive in every aspect including in the event of security threats.

The principles that have kept the nations on both sides of the Atlantic secure, free, and successful for more than 70 years will continue to be supported by Canada.

According to the Canadian government’s statement, Justin Trudeau stated that Canada “wholeheartedly” supports Sweden and Finland’s bid for NATO accession.


He emphasized that Sweden and Finland had the right to select their security plan and that the alliance’s “closest and most active security and defense partners” are Finland and Sweden.

The commitment of NATO to uphold the values of state sovereignty and territorial integrity is shared by Finland and Sweden, according to Prime Minister Trudeau.

He voiced confidence in the swift NATO accession of both countries and praised their military as being “very qualified and capable”.

According to Trudeau, NATO is a defense partnership that poses no threat to any nation. “Finland and Sweden are the Alliance’s closest and most active security and defense allies.

They uphold the Alliance’s dedication to preserving the international system of norms. They adhere to the values of territorial integrity and state sovereignty.

Moreover, their armed forces are extremely skilled and capable, and they have complete faith in both nations’ capacity to join NATO quickly.

Canada has traditionally supported NATO’s Open Door Policy for any European nation that can progress membership responsibilities and obligations and enhance the security of the North Atlantic region.

They fully support Finland and Sweden’s application without any reservations because it is their sovereign right to determine their own security arrangements.

They stress that NATO is a defensive alliance that doesn’t want to conflict with or threatens any nation.

Contribution of Canada to NATO

Canada is proud to have participated in almost all NATO operations since the Alliance’s inception more than seven decades ago.

The Canadian Armed Forces are among the most responsive, nimble, deployable, and engaged armed forces within NATO.

On the global scale, NATO actively and significantly contributes to peace and security. It advocates for democratic principles and is dedicated to resolving conflicts amicably.

The Delegation reports to the Government of Canada on all matters pertaining to NATO and represents Canada at the North Atlantic Council and other decision-making organizations of the Alliance.