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BRI has the potential to bring peace and prosperity for Afghanistan 


Islamabad, 24 September 2021: BRI has the potential to help bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan with its economic and development approach. China and the countries on BRI will be engaging Afghanistan through regional trade linkages, development, and communications networks creating opportunities for stability. These were the remarks by the speakers sharing their views during the Webinar on “How BRI can help Afghanistan: Views from the Globe” organized by Friends of BRI Forum. While moderating the session Ms. Ke Ye, Editor in Chief, In Zhejiang Media Group highlighted the primary aim of the Webinar. She said that the webinar aims for the intellectual discourse on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and humanitarian assistance that countries on BRI can collaborate to support Afghanistan in an essence of shared humanity. Ms. Farhat Asif, co-founder of Friends of BRI Forum has highlighted the primary aim of the initiative of Friends of BRI Forum. She has shared that the forum has organized several conversations on the subject including business, media, academic institutions linkages amongst 138 countries, and international organizations of the world.

Mr. Ulf Sandmark, Chairman, Schiller Institute, Sweden, said that Afghanistan direly needs humanitarian aid especially when winter is coming, about 90% of people do not have proper health care. Hence, BRI can contribute towards food and health security for Afghanistan. Dr. Razia Sultana, Vice-Chancellor, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Pakistan said that a stable Afghanistan is of global interest. On BRI Afghanistan can be a strong trade and business linkages with the global markets. China along with the regional countries are helping to facilitate the dialogue process for an inclusive government in Afghanistan for peace in the country. Dr. Igor V. Khalevinskiy, Chairman of, Association of Russian Diplomats said that in Afghanistan humanitarian crises are imminent and the world needs to focus on that collectively and BRI is a good option to do that. Mr. Urs Unkauf, Vice President, New Silk Road Committee, BWA Global Economic Network, Germany, appreciated the continuation of China’s Embassy work and diplomatic missions amid the chaos in Kabul. Dr. Farhana Paruk, Director, Pearson Institute for Higher Education, South Africa, told the forum about opportunities for Afghanistan in the BRI while giving the example of China and Africa. Mr. Naghi Ahmadov, Adviser, Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center), Azerbaijan, said that China’s initiated project, B&R, has immense importance and attracts markets across the world. Dr. Hong MI, Executive Director, Center for Non-Traditional Security & Peaceful Development Studies (NTS-PD), Zhejiang University, from China, highlighted the contribution of China for the Afghanistan people. He said that China has helped Kabul in anti-drug trafficking, COVID vaccine donation, trade engagement, and construction of their mechanism. A large number of media persons, journalists, students, and academicians from different parts of the world attended the webinar.


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