Paris, 26 April 2023 (TDI): The OECD- WTO Balanced Trade in Service Database (BaTIS) has released bilateral service trade flows.

According to the new stats, correcting for asymmetries, the 3 largest service exporters in 2021 were US, Germany and China. The largest partner of the US was Ireland at about 15% of it’s total exports.

The latest edition of the OECD-WTO Balanced Trade in Services dataset (BaTIS) covers over 200 reporters and partners. It covers total of 12 service categories such as travel, transport and communication etc for the period 2005-2021.

The first edition of BaTIS provides annual data for 1995-2012, covering 191 economies, broken down for the 11 main service categories.

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To make data more accurate efforts are being made by OECD to remove asymmetries. The asymmetries such as, export to country A from country B rarely match the imports from B to A in both services and merchandise.

Two analytical datasets are available to reconcile these asymmetries, the OECD Balanced International Merchandise Trade dataset (BIMTS) and the OECD-WTO Balanced Trade in Services dataset (BaTIS)

The complete, consistent and balanced trade in services statistics are vital for the empirical analysis of international trade as well as for policy-making and trade negotiation.

The delivery of service is difficult to observe and even more so when they are delivered in digital form. Hence, only about 65 economies publish (some) bilateral trade in services statistics.

To help better understanding of global trade patterns, the OECD developed transparent methodologies to reconcile the asymmetries.