Belize Foreign Minister
Foreign Minister of Belize Eamon Courteney with Ambassador of Iran Alireza Ghezili and ambassador of Bulgaria Milena Ivanova.

Belmopan, 15 December 2021 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Belize Eamon Courtenay, received credentials from ambassadors of Iran and Bulgaria. The ceremony of the credentials was online and happened on 13 December.

Both Ambassadors met the Foreign Minister, one after another, to show their credentials to Courtenay. First, Foreign Minister received the credentials of Ambassador Milena Ivanova of Bulgaria.

Then Foreign Minister, Eamon Courtenay, also received Ambassador Alireza Ghezili of Iran credentials. Courtenay expressed his regrets to both Ambassadors that the meeting had to be online due to COVID-19.

Bulgaria and Belize Relationship

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1994. It is important to mention that Bulgaria does not have an Embassy in Belize. However, the Bulgarian Embassy located in Mexico city has jurisdiction over Belize.

Their diplomatic relations are oriented heavily on Tourism. Moreover, both countries interact in a multilateral way. Belize and Bulgaria cooperate through the United Nations, the European Union, and Nato.

Belize-Iran Bilateral Relationship

Iran and Belize established bilateral relations in the year of 1992. Iran does not have an Embassy in Belize so their diplomatic mission in Mexico is in charge of Belize. The interaction of both sides is mostly in the multilateral sector and as member states of the United Nations.

Belize Foreign Ministryย 

Belize is a country that looks forward to collaborating with its partners. It cooperates with states in a bilateral way and on a multilateral level. The Foreign Ministry of Belize has a program that helps them interact with its partners. Indeed, the program includes various activities in different areas such as health, education, good governance, agriculture, technology, citizen security, and more.

Belize cooperates with various regions, such as Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Europe, the Middle East, North America & Mexico, South America, and the System of Integration in Central America (SICA).

Belizean diplomacy promotes the United Nations Charter in its foreign policy. For instance, the values of peace and security, Rule of Law, the respect of human rights, non-intervention in internal affairs of other states are values that the UN and Belize share.