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AUKUS Members considers collaboration with Japan


Washington, 9 April 2024 (TDI): USA, Britain, and Australia Members of AUKUS considered cooperation with Japan on advanced capabilities projects on 8 April 2024.

AUKUS is a security pact between the USA, Britain, and Australia formed in 2021. It concentrates on technology sharing in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to sources, Britain declared a talk on “Future cooperation” between AUKUS members and Japan and other nations will join this year.

Moreover, President Biden and Prime Minister Kishida expected to address Japan’s involvement in AUKUS, ” advanced capabilities” projects.

AUKUS aims to make efforts to push back against China’s growth in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Secretary Campbell said, the “US encouraged Japan to do more to protect intellectual property and hold officials accountable for secrets.”

Lastly, Campbell said, “It is fair to say that Japan has taken some of those steps, but not all of them”.

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Secretary Sabrina Singh said, “Japan is being considered because of its strengths and its close defense partnership with all three countries.”

Additionally, Secretary Singh said, “Defense Ministers J. Austin III and Grant Shapps and Deputy PM Richard Marles made the announcement.”

Further, Secretary Singh said, “Australia’s selection of ASC Pty Ltd. and BAE Systems to build its submarines and its selection of ASC Pty Ltd. as Australia’s submarine sustainment partner.”

In addition, Secretary Singh said Australia has participated in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, and others. The US gave the Navy award to Australia for submarine training stimulators. AUKUS made progress in “advanced technologies and capabilities”.

Lastly, Secretary Singh said, “This month AUKUS launched the Advanced Capabilities Industry Forum. And last month was the inaugural AUKUS Pillar II Innovation Challenge on electronic warfare, “a collaborative initiative between respective innovation accelerator units.”

According to reports, “The first stage, or “pillar”, aims to deliver nuclear-powered attack submarines to Australia. On the second pillar, they focused on sharing military technology and cooperation in areas. Including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and cyber technology.”

Japanese officials said that Britain and Australia would not embrace Japan for Joining AUKUS as an alliance, “Until they had concrete results from the past”.

Moreover, officials said, “Talking about increasing the number of members when nothing’s been achieved with AUKUS yet would only disrupt the framework of cooperation that is meant to be its basis”.

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