Stockholm, 3 December 2021 (TDI): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Secretary of the Latvia, Andris Pelss, hosted accreditation visits from the Ambassadors of North Korea, Japan, and Lithuania on the 3rd of December.

Meeting with Lithuanian Ambassador

Latvian Foreign Minister, Andris Pelss met Lithuanian Ambassador Valdas Lastauskas and prised the active visits and dialogue between the two states. It has highlighted trade relations between Latvia and Lithuania, which has a well-established tradition.

Both state officials discussed the developments in current international policy, included a meeting held by NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Riga. The State Secretary and Ambassador were in complete accord about developing contiguity and coordination in the current situation at European Union’s border and events in Ukraine and Belarus.

They vindicated an agreement for working together in the Rail Baltica project and electricity framework of the Baltic States with the European network.

Meeting with Japan Ambassador

Latvian Foreign Minister, Andris Pelss, met Japan Ambassador Yasushi Takase and applauded the political, economic, cultural, and educational corporation between two Latvia and Japan. They perpetrated engagements of high-level visits. However, both states developed an active business that further provides circumstances for trading in ICT, renewable energy, logistics, and transport projects.

State Secretary highlighted the Three Seas Initiative. The high-ranking representatives of Japan are invited to attend the Three Seas Initiatives Summit and Business Forum, which is to happen in June 2022.

Meeting with Korean Ambassador

Andris Pelss also met Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) Ri Won Guk. State Secretary discussed that Latvia is ready to make dialogue with North Korea, composing of broader-scale cooperation between the European Union and North Korea depending on North Korea’s acquiescence with its international commitments.

Moreover, Andris Pelss guaranteed the support of Latvia for peace and security efforts on the Korean Peninsula. He also called North Korea to have dialogues on nuclear disarmaments once again.

Ambassador confirmed the wiliness for dialogue with Latvia and noted that the EU should revise its policy vis-a-vis North Korea.