Islamabad, 6 April 2023 (TDI): In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, Khazar Farhadov, emphasized the necessity of strengthening trade cooperation between the two countries.

The Envoy underscored the constructive coalition between Pakistan and Azerbaijan in various domains. He accentuated the need for continued business association development.

Farhadov recognized regional connectivity as the critical socioeconomic and regional integration driver. He cited Azerbaijan’s strong development in trade links with Pakistan as evidence of the benefits of regional cooperation.

He observed that trade between the two countries had expanded more than threefold in recent years but that more potential remains to be exploited. In addition to trade, Farhadov underscored Azerbaijan’s tourism potential.

He mentioned that Azerbaijan has much to offer tourists, such as its rich cultural heritage, attractive landscapes, and modern infrastructure. He hoped that more Pakistanis would travel to Azerbaijan.

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The Ambassador’s remarks coincide with the recent warming of ties between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. In recent years, the two countries have inked several agreements to employ to evaluate cultural and military ties.

Shahera Shahid, the Director General of Radio Pakistan, praised Ambassador Farhadov for his insightful remarks. He presented him with a shield in honor of his achievements in fostering bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

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Azerbaijan’s endorsement of Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir issue has enriched the bilateral ties. The Azerbaijani embassy in Pakistan mirrored the ambassador’s statements.

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It affirms Azerbaijan’s commitment to strengthening the solid ties between the two nations. The Embassy encouraged Pakistani entrepreneurs, investors, and visitors to investigate Azerbaijan’s potential.

As connections between Azerbaijan and Pakistan continue to strengthen, it has become abundantly apparent that both nations are devoted to advancing regional cooperation and economic expansion.

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The future of relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan appears bright, with trade and tourism as crucial focal points.