Kabul, 22 May 2022 (TDI): The Afghan foreign minister, Maulvi Amir Khan Mottaki, met the ambassador of Norway, Oli Lindeman in Kabul.

During the discussion, the present situation in Afghanistan and humanitarian, health, and economic developments were discussed.

The Afghan Minister said, “they ask everyone to take a closer look at the situation in Afghanistan so that they do not judge the stories generated by the biassed media and the opposition.”

Further, he added that they should discover the truth by themself and not judge based on the misconceptions about them.

Moreover, the Afghan FM stated that there is now a decent footing for improved security in Afghanistan, which will pave the way for the progress of both people.

The Ambassador’s response

The Norwegian envoy stated, “Good security in Afghanistan is in the interest of the whole globe.” And the region’s progress is in the peace of the South Asia region.

Lindemann added that the bilateral connections between Norway and Afghanistan will be crucial in addressing the problem.

At the conclusion of the conference, it was decided that Afghanistan and Norway will retain strong connections and work together to solve difficulties.

Afghanistan-Norway relations

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Afghanistan was formed as a two-person mission in Kabul in December 2001.

Jan Erik Leikvang, the first Norwegian resident ambassador in Afghanistan since the Taliban assumed power, was appointed in October 2004.

Also, He was the first Nordic resident ambassador to Afghanistan at the time, reflecting the tight and cordial relationship that exists between the two countries.

Furthermore, Norway has been participating in humanitarian help in Afghanistan for the past thirty years as a country with a long tradition of providing foreign aid.

This help was channeled through the UN, the Afghanistan Support Group, and numerous NGOs up to the Taliban’s collapse in 2001.

The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) is now a major conduit for Norwegian money.

In addition, the three most prominent Norwegian non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan are functioning as well.

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