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10th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and South Sudan


Beijing: July 9, 2021-(TDI):  China and South Sudan are celebrating the 10 years of establishment of their diplomatic ties. On the 10th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Sudan and China, the Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged congratulatory messages with Sudanese President Salva Kiir, on Friday.

In his message to South Sudan’s president, Xi mentioned that the bilateral relations have grown healthy and balanced between the two nations in the ten years since diplomatic ties were established, along with positive outcomes in their cooperation in numerous fields.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the two countries worked together to combat the epidemic, demonstrating close brotherhood relations, the Chinese president said. Further Xi mentioned that China is ready to work with South Sudan to use the opportunity of the 10th anniversary of the bilateral relations to strengthen political trust between both sides. Xi also called for increased trade and cooperation in various sectors under the Belt and Road Initiative for the benefit of both countries and individuals.

President Kiir on the other hand also shared a message on the occasion. The President mentioned that China is an honest friend of South Sudan. He further mentioned that China has helped the young state of South Sudan a lot in its economic and social development, domestic peace process, and hard times, especially during the recent pandemic situation. He went on to say that South Sudan is looking forward to continuing to strengthen the two countries’ high-level bilateral relations and deepening collaboration for the benefit of the people of both states.

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