Pakistan and Azerbaijan are more than friends, they are brothers,” said H.E Mr. Dashgin Shikarov, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Pakistan. He was speaking at the seminar on “ Heyder Aliyev-National Leader of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan-Pakistan Relations” which was arranged in co-operation with the National Library of Pakistan.  The seminar was followed by inauguration of “ Heyder Aliyev Corner” in National Library of Pakistan.  This whole week, from May 3 till May 8th 2013 is a “ Heyder Aliyev Week’’ that The Diplomatic Insight has arranged exclusively to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Heyder Aliyev.In his welcome note, Muhammad Asif Noor, Editor-In-Chief, The Diplomatic Insight, said that our efforts are to help promote the relations between brotherly Muslim countries and our focus is to develop people to people contacts. He said that the whole week is to pay homage to the National Leader and raise understanding and awareness of the great work that has been done by Hayder Aliyev to bring the friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. He thanked D.G library for facilitating and supporting to establish “ Heyder Aliyev Corner” in the premises.H.E. Mr. Dashgin Shikarov, Ambassador of Republic of Azerbaijan said Pakistan and Azerbaijan are two brotherly Muslim countries with unique commonalities of historical, religious and political nature and after the establishment of the formal diplomatic relations, there was no look back and the ties grew on steady pace.   He said that  establishment of the corner in National Library will help people of both countries to come more closer to each other and learn about various aspects of  each other’s history and culture. While shedding light on the friendship was founded by two great leaders of the two countries, Heydar Aliyev and Benazir Bhutto. He expressed his gratitude for Pakistan’s unequivocal support to Azerbaijan over its territorial dispute with neighboring Armenia.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ilham Mammadov, First Secretary at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Islamabad highlighted and paid rich tribute to National Leader of Azerbaijan. He said that Heydar Aliyev was asked by the people of Azerbaijan to lead their country at a time in 1993 when it was in war and in great turmoil. Heydar Aliyev not only liberated most of the territories occupied by Armenia, but also put Azerbaijan on a path of development that has resulted in an unprecedented economic growth. Azerbaijan’s foreign exchange reserves stood at $ 45 billion and that the country had invested hugely in other countries. Mr. Mammadov  said that it was because of the hard work and efforts of the great leader that Azerbaijan is enjoying the stature of great country amongst the community of nations. It is because of this stature that recently Azerbaijan has become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council from the competitive East European region.Prof. Dr.Lubna Abid Ali, highlighted the life and works of great leader Heydar Aliyev. While speaking on the occasion, she was of the view that great leaders bring the nations closer to each other.People from all walks of life participated including Diplomats, members of civil society, academicians, journalists and students.


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