The Embassy of Brazil in collaboration with The Diplomatic Insight magazine organized the launching of the English and Urdu version of the book “Knowing Brazil: A guide about Brazil for Pakistani youth”. The event, also marked the beginning of the celebrations of the Brazilian National Day, was attended by members of the diplomatic community, government, academia, and the press. The book has been published by The Diplomatic Insight magazine in cooperation with Embassy of Brazil in Pakistan. The book is also meant to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the first Embassy of Brazil in Pakistan( Karachi:1952) and 64th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Pakistan(1948).

The book, co-authored by Ms. Farhat Asif and Mr. Asif Noor, was edited in English and Urdu, and is aimed at making Brazil better known among the young generation of Pakistanis. In his speech, the Ambassador of Brazil, H.E. Alfredo Leoni, stated that, although Brazil and Pakistan have a longstanding relationship, his country wants to “strengthen ties with Pakistan in other fields, such as culture, sports, tourism and education. And we especially want to bring our peoples closer. That is the idea behind this book.”

Knowing Brazil will be distributed to schools all around Pakistan in both languages, so that young students have access to it and are able to learn more about Brazil. The goal of reaching the future leaders and professionals of Pakistan was highlighted by the Brazilian Ambassador in his speech: “It is by working with the young generations that we will be able to enhance the friendly relations between our Governments and the brotherly ties between our peoples”, said H.E. Alfredo Leoni.

The Diplomatic Insight magazine is cooperating with missions in Pakistan to make the countries known to the people of Pakistan. The aim is to enhance relations and cross the barriers to know more about each other in order to build relationships and understanding through dialogue and knowledge. The organization is not only publishing books, research and analytical reports, supplements and newsletters but also organize seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtable dialogues and produce documentaries on various issues like interfaith harmony, dialogue among civilizations, cultural diplomacy, religions, peace. The publishing of this book is another step in the direction of creates knowledge about Brazil for people of Pakistan so that we can work on exploring new directions and new dimensions of longstanding relationships. Many people know Brazil only for football or carnival, but the country has much more than that. It has such a diverse culture and it is so strong in many economic fields.

Through this book, Pakistani students will be able to get to know all the major regions of Brazil, their differences and similarities, as well as learn more about the country’s geography, history, arts, sports and cuisine. As H.E. Alfredo Leoni affirmed, the book will certainly encourage Pakistanis to establish more contacts with Brazil and the Brazilians.


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