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Mr. Sunil KC

April 29, 2013adminSpecial Assignment EditorsComments Off on Mr. Sunil KC

Mr. Sunil KC is a Nepali young social activist, lyricist and a media figure who practices empowerment through youth advocacy. He founded a Greenary Youth Club in his native village Kachili (Dang district) and did various social works and served as a President over five years. In 2009, he founded the Youth Foundation Nepal Organization (YFN) aiming to establish Sustainability Peace and Development in Nepal by connecting together young leaders all around the globe. He is currently President at the Youth Foundation Nepal(YFN).

He is also associated with the International Youth Congress (USA), Peace Alliance (USA), Inter Nation (Worldwide) and Youth Millennium Development Ambassador(YMDA)

After directing radio series about educational issues in Nepal, he is now a producer and director of the social documentary “Ready, Willing and Able” which is going to be released worldwide by September 2013.

Sunil KC is now carrying his own research so as to establish the first International Affairs College of Nepal. The College is called “The School For Globe” and is monitored with the help and support of Sunil’s International Academic Network. The project will be launched in 2018.

Mr.Sunil KC is Special Assignment Editor for The Diplomatic Insight in Nepal.

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